Luvina Beckley-Knight Knows How to Get the Funding You Need

April 14, 2018
Among other things, Luvina Beckley-Knight has demonstrated a penchant for being able to identify and them secure the funding needed by regional and local communities to promote and complete projects to bring about better economic conditions through the use of community revitalization activities. These types of projects are usually financed through the implementation of targeted investment and grant making. With the leadership brought to them by Luvina Beckley-Knight, MHM and Associates has become far more than just a private grant writing, consulting and management firm. From its base in Riverside, California, MHM has grown in status and it is now among the most reliable and prominent firms in that space.

Under the leadership of Luvina Beckley-Knight, MHM has a primary mission of encouraging local governments and other organizations to work in carefully crafted partnership to improve the social, economic and environmental welfare of the communities in which they serve. Most everything she does seems to work, to the point that Luvina Beckley-Knight and MHM have re-established a new industry standard for accessing grants and investments in to expand the capacity of local employers and also to raise the skill levels of local workers, which is good for everyone.

When one looks at the background of Luvina Beckley-Knight, most will notice is that she never avoids a fight. In fact, she is known for her ability to meet a challenge head on. Luvina has led MHM for well over 20 years and she has never failed to demonstrate that she has a major advantage over everyone else in her field. She rarely fails in a competition. After all, Luvina Beckley-Knight has plenty of proven expertise in her field.